Technical silicones

We can produce high quality adhesive-sealing masses based on silicone elastomers.
We offer silicones with features modified according to customer requirements: hardness, processing time, adhesion, flexibility, color. We can also offer a short series, from 60 pcs.


- neutral universal silicone with high adhesion to almost any surface.
Seals made of SILPROF have minimal shrinkage, they are resistant to weathering and UV rays, they do not degrade, they are durable and strong


- especially dedicated to fixing mirrors or panes of decorative glass, glass plates, etc.. Neutral curing system and specially balanced formula does not damage the mirror layer or printing. Silicone is easy to apply, does not drip down vertical surfaces, and after complete hardening it has a high resistance to loads.


- silicone resistant to grease, oils. It is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 350°C.
Suitable for sealing joints in motors, mechanical drive systems, oil pan, exhaust systems, exhaust strings, etc. It does not cause interference with the Lambda probe


- can be used for bonding of artificial and natural stone (granite, marble), wood, kitchen countertops, interior design elements, glue for marble, granite, natural and artificial stones. Special formula protects the stone against the formation of stains and darkening the edge of the stone along the weld. Minimal shrinkage, resistance to UV and weather conditions cause that made joint is sealed and protected against the ingress of water and so the burst by frost.

- permanently elastic adhesive-sealing mass designed for making joints exposed to large extension or contraction eg. by changing the shape of the connected elements under the influence of temperature or mechanical vibrations. It does not cause corrosion of metal, does not damage painted surfaces, has excellent adhesion to smooth substrates. Dedicated to the waterproofing roof coverings, flashings, gutter systems, ventilation ducts and air conditioning systems.