Granulated PVC

We can offer:
  • Technical granulated PVC for extrusion and for injection molding in range of hardness between 55-93°Sh.A
  • Granulated PVC of increased resistance to lowered temperatures
  • Granulated PVC of increased resistance to UV light
  • Highly transparent granulated PVC
  • Granulated PVC of increased elasticity – with addition of NBR
  • Flame retardant granulated PVC
  • Oil-resistant granulated PVC
  • Heat resistant granulated PVC
  • Granulated PVC with antistatic agents
  • Granulated PVC colored in mass according to client’s request
  • Snow-white granulated PVC
  • Heat resistant granulated PVC
  • Tire and insulating Polvinits (also transparent)
  • Other special granulated PVC on request.